I was born in a small town called Burgas, located by the east coast of Bulgaria on the 2nd of April 1991. I grew up in a family of actors, musicians, writers and directors. When I was 12 I started having piano lessons but that lasted for just 2 years. Shortly after I heard a song by the guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. Instantly I fell in love with the instrument and I started guitar lessons. Over the years, I have been in exploring lots of different genres of music like rock and roll, blues, funk and many more. In 2016 I started my education in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in the theatre sound course. During my time there, I have been involved in many public productions and working experiences. I have been assigned to roles as sound designer, sound engineer and sound operator. After I finished the course, my first job as a practitioner was to design a show for the Edinburgh Fringe festival called "Shiver". During the summer I opened a recording studio in my home town. Since October 2019, I got a full time job at a small puppet theatre in Varna, Bulgaria as a sound designer, sound engineer and composer. At the moment I'm working on a new album called Variety of Music. It will contain soundscapes, instrumentals and storytelling.